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GoldGear, How it Works

GoldGear is your one stop shop for all your prospecting, mining processing, coin and relic and minerals related equipment. It's simple to use, economical and is the largest gold related classified advertising website available on the internet.

  • Shop - Browse and window shop across the site searching by category, location and by specific name under the search window or even by looking at the latest ads listed under 'What's New'.
  • Post an Ad - It's an easy step by step process to list your ad or multiple ads. Ability to track interest and the number of views for an ad through 'my watch list' tab linked to your account.
  • Login as a Member - Track items you are interested in, keep up to date with the number of times an ad has been viewed, whether you are selling or buying.
  • Buyers contact Sellers through the 'Enquire' tab directly on the ad or via the 'Email Enquiry' icon.
  • Selling - Once the Seller is contacted via email, parties can interact and agree on the price and the goods for sale. GoldGear does not handle monies or become involved in enquires during the sale transaction. Ads will be posted within 24 hours and checked by site administrator for approval prior to listing going live online.
  • Cost to place ad. Commission for selling items is based on 3% of the sale price of each item. Payment is made when you have sold the item or removed the ad. If you are keeping an ad online for multiple sales, a payment must be made to GoldGear each time an item is sold. Payment can be made via GoldGear payment tab.

Note: Personal details such as email are not visible to viewer of ads. Interested parties must use "Contact Seller" tab to email you regarding an ad. Adding your contact phone number is an option to post on your ad if you wish.

Items displayed on this site are seen by prospectors, mining and minerals sector people from all over Australia, in fact worldwide. Maximise your potential selling market for the item(s) you would like to sell by displaying it on and your advertisement will continue running unless GoldGear are advised to remove it. Please contact us to advise if your advertised item sells.

Please note, it is not the responsibility of to enter into direct contact between seller or buyer when settling a query or purchase in relation to goods advertised.

Please make yourself aware of's privacy policy and terms & conditions located via the link at the bottom of the Home Page prior to using our service.

GoldGear FAQ's is the only nationwide online classifieds site purely targeted at everything gold and relic, gem hunting and small scale mining and everything in between. There is no more searching through items not related to your specific interest. With everyone using the site having an interest in gold, relics or gems they are a potential buyer. Why advertise your item or service anywhere else?

No - searching, looking through ads and contacting a seller about their item on the site does not require being registered. However if you wish to place an ad, you are automatically made a member or you can register membership by using the 'Sign-up' option at the top of the home page. We offer the use of a Watch list, this enables you to keep track of items you are interested in. The Watch list requires you to register.

It's so quick and easy - Click on the "Sign-up" tab located at the top right hand side of the page, enter your username, email address and password you wish to use and click "Sign-up" button. It's that easy!

Click the "Account Login" tab located at the top right hand corner of the home page, enter your username and password you used when setting up your account and click the "Login" button. If you have forgotten your password click on "Forgot Password" and an email to reset your password will be sent to your email address.

Click on the "Place Your Ad" tab located at the top right hand side of the page, type in a listing title you would like, followed by a description detailing your item and tick a box or several boxes to select the category(s) that best suits the item you have for sale. Click on the condition tab and select 'New' or 'Used' and personal details filled into the mandatory fields' which are flagged with a RED asterisk. Select one or two ad types either 'private' or from a 'dealer' Upload images or video by clicking on 'Drop files here', once uploaded click 'save' button and this will enable you to preview your ad. You can then make changes to ad if required before finally clicking the 'Accept Listing' button. Your listing will not immediately list on the site, please allow up to 24hrs for listing to be approved.

Anything being sold for under $50 can be listed free. Anything $50 and over will cost 3% at the price the item is sold for. Once you have sold your item you can pay in one of two ways. When viewing your items shown under 'Your Listing' heading within your account, the top of the ad provides the option to pay for your ad. Asking, 'Have you sold your listing in' ? The price shown will be the listed price and will automatically show how much to pay GoldGear based on 3%. If price is different, this can be typed in to adjust to exact price item was sold for. Secondly if you try to remove or delete your ad, the same message will be asked. If sold elsewhere this can be noted and no charge will be incurred.

GoldGear does not deal with payment between parties purchasing goods. This is arranged between parties making the transaction for goods.

However, payment to cover the cost for listing items on can be made via PayPal or paid directly to GoldGear bank account using a direct debit facility.

Yes, both new and used items can be listed on This can be specified within each listing.

Yes you can and we want businesses to utilise this service to increase their exposure to a large targeted market. An arrangement can be made by contacting GoldGear if multiple items for the same ad are to be sold. This is the case for either a business or an individual.

There are several ways to search for an item you may be interested in.
Option 1: Type in whatever you are interested in by brand or type of equipment into the search bar at the top of the home page. You can narrow your search by selecting category and also by location.
Option 2: Click on the 'What's New' tab located midway down the home page. This shows the latest items that have been listed for sale.
Option 3: Click on the 'Browse' tab located midway down the page, this lists in order by date all items advertised on the site.
Option 4: A full selection of categories can be found at the bottom of the home page.
Option5: Click on one of the five most popular categories listed in the top header bar on the home page.

To make it quick and easy to find a bargain we have added a 'What's New' button. Click this button to see an up to date list of the last 100 items listed on goldgear. from all categories!

To purchase an item on you will need to contact the seller of that item or listing via their details through the site. From the ad view page click on the contact seller button and select the contact method that suits you. Please Note: is a classifieds only site and does not handle any transaction of money or shipping of item between the buyer and the seller. Any delivery, pickup or payment for an item is to be arranged by the buyer and seller.

Once you have sold your item please login to your account, view the listing you have sold and at the top of your listing there is a window to enable you to pay for your listed item(s) on There is an option to pay via PayPal or Direct Deposit to GoldGear bank account. Your ad will then be removed by GoldGear administration.

There is no time limit on how long a listing can remain on the site. It requires the seller to inform GoldGear if they wish to remove the ad from the site.

Utilise the 'Watch List' option defined by a pair of binoculars at the bottom right hand corner of every listing. This will add the listing to 'My Watch List' found under your account.

To contact a seller about their item click the 'Email Enquiry' button located on the bottom right hand corner of every listing and denoted by an envelope symbol. Contact by telephone may be possible if seller has chosen to leave a telephone number.

To contact click on "Contact Us" located at the top and bottom of the homepage, fill out the Enquiry form and submit. We will endeavour to respond to your enquiry as soon as possible, however a response can take up to one business day depending on the enquiry.

No, we are purely a classifieds site where all arrangements of payments, shipping and or collection of items are to be arranged between the buyer and the seller. does not take or hold any responsibility as per our terms and conditions for payments, disputes or collection/delivery of items between the buyer and seller.

Yes all contact between you, the seller and any potential buyer will initially be through the online 'Contact Seller' form which keeps your email address confidential from the buyer or any viewer of your ad. However you also have the option to list your telephone number into your ad. This will be seen by any potential buyer or viewer and they will be able to contact you directly using your telephone details.

Yes, login via 'Account Login' and access your current listings shown under 'Your Listings'. Click on the listing you wish to edit and you will be able to re-save any changes and your update will be posted.

Generally ads are approved as soon as possible, however please allow up to one business day.

We offer Banner Ad advertising on the site which can be a highly effective way for businesses to get its brand or service they offer out there. Banner Ad advertising is available in many places on the site for example the Homepage or in between ads in the search listings. We have advertising packages available to suit all budgets. To enquire click on the 'Advertise with us' link located at the bottom of the home page under 'Quick Links' and you will be promptly contacted to discuss options.

Click on the 'Contact' link at the top or bottom of the site, fill in the enquiry form and submit. We will endeavour to respond to your enquiry as soon as possible. Please note, response may take up to one business day depending on the enquiry.