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Mini Gold Concentrator



Condition: New

Price: $325.00 AUD

Location: Victoria

Ad Type: Dealer

Name: Gold Search Australia

Contact: 0417737218


The Mini Gold Concentrator grades the wash dirt as the operator operates the two handles on top, back and forth. Gravity does the rest, with the heavies concentrating in the receiving bowl and the light material being displaced over the inside lip of the receiving bowl inside the bucket. Automatically discards 95% of material

To concentrate just fill the bucket with water, place the receiving bowl and spinning sieve inside and feed with wash dirt.

  • Keep feeding wash dirt till eventually your light material will fill the bottom of the bucket. 
  • It is then time to empty the bucket and get your gold. The concentrates are then panned off normally with a gold pan. 
  • The beauty of the Mini Gold Concentrator is that you only have to pan once, at the end of the process, saving time. 
  • If you are too aggressive, well at least you get to keep your dirt and you can easily check if you have lost any gold. 
  • The water used in the Mini Gold Concentrator could be recycled by placing it in a tub and saving the overflow. 

Concentrate up to 10 times quicker than the conventional gold pan. Invented and made in Australia by Cresswell Engineering.
The Mini Concentrator weighs only 3.75kg and is very portable and strong. 

It has a zinc plated sieve and receiving bowl situated inside a 20L heavy duty plastic bucket with a tight fitting lid.
The bucket is stock standard and easily replaced with an old 20L paint tin.

The Mini Gold Concentrator is the ideal gold prospecting tool that makes panning for gold easier and much faster. 

  • Simple to use 
  • Very portable 
  • Water can be recycled 
  • Turn over more wash-dirt 
  • No need for running water 
  • Get more gold from less effort 
  • Any gold lost is still in the bucket 
  • It works great, the Mini Gold Concentrator !